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ALIEN Halloween Art Exchange for drawmeadream by acidshadow
ALIEN Halloween Art Exchange for drawmeadream
Yay! this is my trade for :icondrawmeadream: as part of this:
<da:thumb id="481421132">

This is their unnamed character- this alien lady:
<da:thumb id="456057355">

Seems this alien lady has met a little girl on Halloween who mistakes her looks for a costume. At least she is enthusiastic.

If I'm honest I should have done this piece with a background, which I had started digitally, but once I started I found it mucked about with my picture and it didn't look good. So simple flat background was better in the end.

I've rather enjoyed these seasonal trades. you can see my other ones here:

<da:thumb id="389021042">

<da:thumb id="424904589">

Hope you enjoy!
Hawlucha for Maxx by acidshadow
Hawlucha for Maxx

Did a drawing of a Hawlucha for my mate Max ( ) which I seem remember as his fave pokemon. He is having a rough time at the moment and hopefully this’ll cheer him up a little. Me and Scifer are thinking of you mate.

I think Hawlucha is very suiting since Max’s friend safari is flying type. ;3


Pokemon are copyrighted to Nintendo

Image belongs to me, do not copy, alter or redistribute.

Quaerens linguam by acidshadow
Quaerens linguam

A predatory species that has evolved on a planet with perpetual mist. The mist on this planet is often so thick it's hard to see very far. Species use other senses such as scent and electro magnetism to detect others. But bioluminescence is often used to commutate and attract attention with what little ocular abilities remain.

Quaerens linguam ('seeking tongue' see fig 1) uses its eyes to locate the unique bioluminescent of Occultus linguam (hidden tongue) it preferred prey as it hides among vegetation. Quaerens linguam creeps up to its chosen prey and uses its long tongue to reach out to its preys hiding spot. Its tongue is abnormally long, while the species is the size of a large housecat, it's tongue is three times its size length (incidentally; it's prey of Occultus linguam being the size of a rabbit at its biggest). However this long tongue can be retracted into its pouch that's located just below its mouth and continues under its legs (see fig 2).  However when it has caught its prey, it cannot retract its tongue, leaving it exposed. When the tongue is retracted it has an additional effect that it makes the overall face of Quaerens linguam look more threatening to potential rivals or predators (see fig.3).

Its tongue is remarkable, used to probe the area where its prey hides in order to lure it out of its den. The prey (Occultus linguam) will charge out of its burrow and grab Quaerens linguam's tongue thinking it is its prey; however it'll be grabbed by Quaerens linguam.

The tongue contains two tentacles either side that act to feel around as well as grab its prey with its spiky suckers.  The end of the tongue has a miniature functioning jaws that not only add to the illusion of a face but also act to grab they prey (see fig 4.). Amazingly the end of the tongue also looks like Occultus linguam's common prey to add to the illusion (see fig 5.).

Quaerens linguam's overall pink colour helps it camouflage itself in the reddish vegetation of the surrounding environment. It also had bioluminescence on its body for communication, something often found in species of this planet.

This was done for this here:…

You can see Occultus linguam here:…

I look forward to doing more!

Image belongs to me, do not copy, alter or redistribute.



Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Artist and animator with a fist class honours in BA animation. I have a love for concept art and I really enjoy creature creation and characters. Traditional art is my main skill but I use a verity of materials and capable digital artist too.
Yesterday I saw Prometheus in Brighton with my badger. And holy Hannah, this is now one of my top films. If you love Ridley Scott (mastermind behind 'Alien' and 'Blade runner') or just the alien films in general (especially the first film 'Alien') you'll love this film.

I saw many bad reviews and it's down to a three things:

1) People expected the film 'Aliens' not 'Alien'. There is a difference. 'Alien' is the first one by Ridley Scott. It's slow, suspenseful and both dark and beautiful. The second film-'aliens' was by James Cameron and while a fantastic film, it's the almost opposite of alien. Faster pace, more aliens, lots of action and there is less of a feeling isolation and mystery the first film had. So a lot of people went in expecting an action sci-fi film, and while Prometheus does have a lot of action, it's slower than most action films. But honestly in comparison to the film 'aliens'? The action begins around the same mark in both films so I can't see what people are complaining about. Ridley Scott just combined both films.

2) People didn't like the amount of questions left unanswered. But frankly, this film is exploring an aspect not many people asked in the first film 'who is the space jockey'? Ridly Scott himself said when alien came out in 1979, no one in interview asked about the other alien in the film- the pace pilot with the massive hole in his chest. This guy:…

This film is not just about that guy, but questions of humanity in general. You'll be left with the questions you should have asked the first time you saw 'Alien' – who are they? What are they? What were they doing? The questions make you feel as lost and confused as the crew. In that extent it's a very clever film and people grumpy about the questions are the people who didn't take the opportunity to explore and discuss them, which is what this film is all about.

3) Some people also expected it to be a direct prequel for alien, however Scott said while the movie will take place in the same universe as Alien and greatly reference that movie, it will mostly be an original movie and not a direct prequel. And that's the way you should approach this movie. Related but not a direct prequel. Enjoy the masses of alien references and the once again use to H.R.Giger designs but keep an open mind. I'm a massive alien fan and I still loved this new spin.

I very much enjoyed 'Prometheus', the acting was sound, some people said wooden, but it's because people aren't used to subtle acting any more, and it works well. The visuals were stunning and the mystery and suspense was glorious. The gore and horror is turned down a notch to meet the 15 rating but I'm not surprised since the original alien was seen by many movie goers and its film was need to be seen by a wider audience. BUT it doesn't mean the unknowns and questions won't give you a creep factor.

If you are an alien fan go see this move you'll love every second of it. You'll spot the references and you clever clogs and obsessives like me will spot that Ridley even used some of the original concept art for the first film making it to the big screen. If you are a sci-fi fan, this is for you, it explores all the big questions sci-fi has along with the action sequences that satisfy. And if you like a film that makes you asks questions, you'll also love this film.

There are issues, but they are minor. The technology seems way too advanced when you compare it to the film 'Alien'. I felt the technology should have been more clunky and basic. And sometimes the story and acting felt a bit sporactic. This is a film that could have done with being either longer to break up the scenes focusing on the characters. In 'alien' you felt the isolation of the crew and you picked up on the personalities more. Prometheus could have spent more time leaning about the characters and focusing on their reactions to the rapidly decaying situations.

But even with that, it's still a stunning film, go see it you'll like it.

It is the queen's jubilee after all....god save the queen. >:)
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